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  • Enrollment

    To begin using Mobile Deposit from Jonah Bank:

    • You must have a Jonah Bank Checking or Savings account/li>
    • Download and install the Jonah Bank Mobile App and be enrolled in Online Banking
    • Select Mobile Deposit from the menu
    • Select Mobile Deposit Enrollment
    • Read and accept the terms and conditions for Mobile Deposit
    • Log out of the App and sign back in to start depositing checks
  • What are the deposit limits?

    Retail customers

    Jonah Bank retail customers can deposit up to $3,000 in combined check value each business day, with a limit of 5 checks per business day.

    Commercial customers

    Jonah Bank commercial customers can deposit up to $30,000 in combined check value each business day, with a limit of 20 checks per business day. Higher limits are available upon request and are subject to review.

  • When will my funds be available?

    Cut off time and availability

    Deposits are subject to verification and funds may not be available immediately. Once the deposit has been received, you will be able to view the pending transaction in the App. Deposits received by 4:00 p.m., M.S.T., on business days will post during overnight processing and are usually available in your account the next business day. Deposits received after 4:00 p.m., M.S.T., or on a non-business day (Saturday, Sunday or federal holiday) will be reviewed the following business day, posted during overnight processing and available within two business days.

  • Depositing a check

    Simple as point, click, done

    Anyone can deposit checks with Mobile Deposit. Here's how:

    • Select an account
    • Enter the amount of your check
    • Sign and Endorse the check with the appropriate personal or Business endorsement AND write "For Mobile Deposit Only at JBW" under the signature line
    • Take pictures of the front and back of your check using your mobile device
    • Verify the information
    • Tap Submit Deposit
  • How do I endorse a check?


    As a measure to prevent duplicate deposits, Jonah Bank requires that in addition to signing the back of a personal or business check, you also write the following verbiage directly below your personal/business endorsement:

    "For Mobile Deposit Only at JBW"

    Please remember to do this before you take a picture of your check.

    MRDC Endorsement

  • How will I know if my deposit was successful?

    Viewing deposits

    You may check the status of your deposit through the Mobile App under “Mobile Deposit” by selecting “Deposit Check” and tapping on "More". Alternatively, you can view the status of submitted checks in the "Activity Center" located under the "Transactions" menu option. Once the check has been reviewed by the bank, the status will change from “Submitted” to “Accepted.” In addition, you will receive an alert to your registered email account when a mobile deposit has been submitted and subsequently when the deposit is approved and/or rejected.

  • What types of checks can i deposit?

    Check Types

    Jonah Bank will accept all types of checks except the following:

    • Foreign items – each item for deposit must have an MICR line at the bottom of the check that includes a Federal Reserve routing number
    • Altered/fraudulent checks
    • Traveler’s or gift card checks
    • Credit card checks
    • Post-dated checks
    • Stale-dated checks (checks older than six months)
    • Third-party checks(payee is not a signer on the account)
    • Image-replacement documents (check copies)
    • Checks without the required endorsement

    Jonah Bank reserves the right to reject any deposit made through Mobile Deposit. You will be notified if your deposit has been rejected.

  • What should I do with my check after mobile deposit is complete?

    Check safety

    Confirm the deposit is listed as “Accepted” within the Mobile App and the funds have been deposited to your account before destroying the check. Other than your endorsement, do not write on your check until after the deposit has been posted to your account. We recommend that you retain your paper check for 60 days after the deposit. After this time, your paper check should be destroyed.

  • Are there any tips for depositing checks?

    Capturing Images

    When depositing checks via Mobile Deposit:

    • Remember to sign and endorse the back of your check with “For Mobile Deposit Only at JBW”
    • Carefully enter the check amount to ensure it is correct
    • Flatten folded or crumpled checks before taking your photos
    • Place the check on a dark background in a well-lit area
    • Keep your phone flat above the check when taking your photos
    • Keep the check within the view finder on the camera screen
    • Try not to get too much of the areas surrounding the check
    • Make sure the entire check image is visible and in focus before submitting your deposit with all four corners captured
    • Make sure the MICR line (numbers on the bottom of your check) is readable
  • Who should I contact if I need help?

    Contact Us

    For help with Mobile Deposit you can contact us by phone or by email with your questions, we are always here to help.

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