Multi-Factor Authentication Announcement

Beginning October 2nd 2023 Jonah Bank of Wyoming will be removing the option for customers to register their browsers when logging into online and mobile banking. Jonah Bank believes one of the best methods for protecting our customers financial accounts is through the use of Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).

We know that this change will be new to many customers and is intended to help protect your accounts from fraudsters. Jonah Bank offers two forms of MFA to assist with logging into online and mobile banking. The basic form of MFA requires customers to receive a one-time pin (also called a Security Access Code) to complete their login to online banking. Jonah Bank also offers Push MFA for faster login experiences.

Secure Access Codes (SAC's)

SAC's are one-time, six-digit codes that can be sent via SMS or phone call.

To add or change your Security Access Code destinations:

  • Login in to Online or Mobile Banking
  • Select Settings > Security Preferences > Secure Delivery
  • Use the Pencil icon to edit an existing contact Method or Select Add Contact to create an additional contact number.

Push MFA

Jonah Bank of Wyoming is pleased to announce the availability of Push Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for Mobile and Online banking. With Push MFA you will not need to receive and enter a six digit code when logging into online banking. Instead you will be able to select to push an approval prompt to your enabled mobile device for authentication.

To enable Push MFA

  • Login to the Jonah Bank Mobile App
  • Select Menu > Settings > Push Notifications
  • Select to enable Push Notifications (if it is already enabled: we suggest that you disable it, log out of the App, log back in, and return to this step)
  • When you enable Push notifications (a requirement for Push MFA) you will be presented with the option to Turn on and allow Push for 2 Factor Authentication
  • The next time that you login to the Mobile App or Online banking, you will have a new option "Push" to complete the authentication process. Next to Push will be the name of your device (you can change this from within online banking - steps are below)
  • Select your Push Target
  • Select Yes it is me

To Change your Push MFA Device Name

  • Login to the Jonah Bank Mobile App
  • Select Menu > Settings > Security Preferences > Secure Delivery
  • Underneath "Registered Devices" select the pencil icon to edit your Devices Name
  • Select Save


Should you have any questions about this change or how to use MFA with Jonah Bank don't hesitate to call one of your favorite Jonah Banker's at 307-237-4555 (Casper) or 307-773-7800 (Cheyenne).