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Online Banking from Jonah Bank allows you to access your accounts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year! Check your balance, transfer funds, view statement history, download transactional data, make loan payments, pay your bills and friends, view check images, complete commercial payments, and more from the convenience of your home, or any place you can access the internet. Best of all, Jonah Bank's basic online banking service is FREE*

* Some Commercial functions incur a small monthly fee.

  • Online Banking eVideos

    We know that our Online Banking system offers a vast number of tools for you to get the job done, and that it can seem overwhelming at first. That's why we have created a series of short and to the point eVidoes for you. If you prefer to have a hard copy guide you can follow, don't worry we have that too, right below the videos. Should you have any questions on any of the features in our Online Banking system, our friendly staff are always here to help!

    Jonah Bank: Personal Banking

    Jonah Bank: Business Banking

    Jonah Bank: Mobile Banking

    Jonah Bank: Secure Banking

    Jonah Bank: Bill Pay


  • Consumer and Commercial eGuides - Printable

    Interactive full feature guides to view online or print and keep with you.



  • Minimum Device & Browser Requirements

    To get the most out of all the great features available in our Online & Mobile Banking Systems, there are some minimum requirements and recommendations we have:

    Browser Minimum Requirements
    Internet Explorer (PC Only) IE 9 and above (Edge Preferred)
    Chrome (PC and MAC) Chrome 25.0 and above
    Firefox (PC and MAC) Firefox 23.0 and above
    Safari (MAC only) Safari 6.0 and above
  • Symantec VIP Tokens

    Jonah Bank of Wyoming utilizes two types of Symantec VIP Tokens for out of band One Time Passcodes (OTP's) to secure all outbound transactions from your account. Jonah Bank uses physical tokens, and virtual tokens, generated within an application on your mobile device. Once you have been provided with a physical token or have registered your virtual token with a Jonah Bank staff member you will need to activate it within online banking when approving a transaction. Note: these tokens periodically will need to be re-activated.

    Physical Tokens:

    Virtual Tokens:

    Available from the Apple App store or Google Play Store

    Activating your Symantec Token

    Whether you are activating a Physical or Virtual token, the process is the same:

    1. Create and approve a transaction
    2. When prompted for your Secure Access Token, press the button the physical token or open your Symantec VIP App on your device, and enter the displayed code in the field shown in online banking then select Next
    3. After entering your code for the first time, the system will ask for a second code to activate the token. For physical tokens please wait until the screen goes blank, and then press the token button again to obtain your second code. For Virtual tokens wait for the timer to reach zero and a new code will be displayed.
    4. Enter the second code in the token field within online banking then select Verify
    5. Your token will be activated and the transaction approved, you can select close on the approved message window.

    Should you encounter any trouble in activating your Symantec physical or virtual code, please contact Jonah Bank.

  • Additional Quick Reference Guides

    Mobile App Security Tips
    Multi-Factor Authentication
    Online Banking Security Guide
    Text Banking

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