Mobile & Text BankingYour bank at your fingertips

With the latest Jonah Bank Mobile App, and our Online Banking System, we are providing you with a familiar and unified user experience. With all the features you need in our mobile app, it's like having your bank in your pocket wherever you are. The Jonah Bank Mobile App is available on iOS® and Android®.

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Features of Mobile Banking

  • Check Account Balances, verify deposits, and review transactions
  • Transfer Funds
  • Review Account Statements
  • Pay Bills
  • Mobile Deposit
  • Commercial Payments including ACH, Payroll and Wires
  • Setup Account & Security Alerts
  • Contact Us
  • Find your nearest ATM
  • * Take control of you Jonah Bank cards with the CardValet® App
  • * Locate 32,000 Surcharge Free ATMs nationwide with the MoneyPass® App

* The MoneyPass® and Card Valet® App's are separate Aps from the Jonah Bank Mobile Banking App, and are available on the applicable App Stores

  • Getting Started With Mobile Banking

    Jonah Bank's Mobile Apps are fast, free and available to all Jonah Bank of Wyoming customers in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

    Get up and running fast with these steps:

    1. Open the respective store, search for and install the Jonah Bank of Wyoming app (note you should only download the Jonah Bank App from the authorized App store)
    2. Tap to open the Jonah Bank App
    3. Enter your Username and Password (the same as your online banking credentials)
    4. The First time you use the Mobile App you will be prompted for a Secure access code, select where you want to receive the code and submit it once you receive it
    5. Make your preference to either register the device or not
    6. That’s it! You now have your bank in the palm of your hand!
  • Mobile Security Tips

    To help secure your mobile device and activity completed on your device Jonah Bank of Wyoming has the following recommendations:

    • Use a Pin Lock or screen lock for your device, and stay away from easy pins like 123456
    • Use Biometrics
    • Do not store your login credentials as a contact on your phone – use a password wallet instead
    • Enable and know how to use features such as Find my Phone
    • Should you lose your phone, report it to us and we can remove the device registration in our system
    • Learn how to remotely wipe your device
    • Turn off additional mobile features such as Bluetooth and geolocation services when not needed
    • Before downloading any app, read reviews about the app developer or company publishing the app and review the app permissions that will be allowed once the app is downloaded
    • Install Mobile Malware and antivirus protection
    • Avoid connecting to unknown wireless networks. These networks could be rogue access points that capture information passed between your device and a legitimate server.
    • Reset or wipe devices before they are sold or traded
    • Keep smart-phone software patches and upgrades up to date
    • Avoid links or software downloads from unknown sources
    • Use the same precautions on a mobile device as you would use on a pc – Stop-Think-Connect
  • Text Banking

    Text Banking is another great way to stay connected with your bank account wherever you are. FREE* with your Jonah Bank account, and simple to use! Text Banking can be used to quickly:

    • Get account Balances
    • View Account History
    • Transfer Between Accounts

    * While Jonah Bank does not charge for Text Banking, your cellular phone carrier may charge per SMS message sent and received.  You must contact your cellular phone carrier for details regarding any fees they may charge.

  • To get started with Text Banking

    • Sign in to Online Banking
    • Navigate to Settings, then Text Enrollment
    • Turn on Text Banking, enter your cell phone number, and check the box to agree to the Text Banking terms & conditions
    • Select Save
    • Follow the prompt to go to Account Preferences to set up your account nicknames for text banking
    Using Text Banking;

    To use Text Banking, text any of these commands to BANKME (or 226563)

    Text us To find out
    BAL Available balance for eligible deposit accounts
    XFER <from account nickname> < to account nickname> <amount> Transfer funds between your accounts
    LIST List of commands for Text Banking
    HIST <account nickname> The last four transactions for the account
    HELP Receive Jonah Bank's website address and phones number to get help using text banking
    STOP Stop all text messages to the mobile device
  • Text Banking Information

    Jonah Bank doesn't charge for Text Banking

    There is no cost to enroll in Text Banking — Jonah Bank does not charge you for this convenience. (Check with your mobile carrier for any specific fees or charges that may apply for sending or receiving text messages.)

    Lost or stolen mobile phone

    Cancel Text Banking immediately by calling customer service at 1-866-504-5111. Or you can sign in to Online Banking and navigate toSettings > Text Enrollment > Turn off Text Enrollment, and delete your cell phone number, then click/tap on save. If you find your mobile device later, you can re-enroll that same mobile number.

    Getting multiple messages

    You may receive more than 1 message if the message is longer than 160 characters (the limit for our text messages). For a transaction history inquiry, the response may require multiple messages.

    Changing your mobile number or service provider

    Sign in to Online Banking and go to Settings > Text Enrollment > Edit Number to change your mobile number.

    Ending your Text Banking service

    Texting STOP from your cell phone device will stop all Text Banking Commands on your device. To re-enable text banking you will need to set it up again from within online banking, and issue the "START" command from your device.

    For assistance with our Mobile and Text Banking systems you can contact us anytime.

    Contact Us

  • Card Valet®

    Card Valet

    Card Valet® is a standalone App offered by Jonah Bank of Wyoming that puts the control of your Debit and Credit Cards in your hands. Card Valet® enables you to:

    • Turn your Cards off and on
    • Limit Spending on cards by Category or Merchant Type
    • Restrict card use to specified geographic locations
    • Restrict ATM or online transactions
    • Receive real-time transaction alerts

    To get started with Card Valet® download the app from the respective Apple or Android store today.

    apple app store   google play store

  • Money Pass®

    Money Pass

    We get it, paying to access your money doesn't feel right, that's why we joined the MoneyPass® network, so you get access to over 32,000 surcharge-free ATMs nationwide. Wherever you roam, you can find a surcharge-free ATM by going to, using the link under services in online/mobile banking or downloading the free MoneyPass® App from the appropriate App store. What are you waiting for? Start using surcharge free ATMs today!

    apple app store   google play store